the mole who wasn’t very good at feeling sad

“I’m not very good at feeling sad,” said the mole to his friend.

His friend looked him with curious eyes.

“I’m not very good at it.  This feeling sad business is really quite tricky for a mole like me,” the mole went on to try and explain. “You see, I’m a happy sort of smiley mole and feel dreadful uncomfortable when that feeling of sadness comes upon me.” He added.

The mole’s friend continued to look at him with his curious eyes.  He had wanted to try and say something but his mouth felt dry and words were just a little jumbled in his head.

Mole, on the other hand, had no problem talking…

“My tummy feels fizzy, my brain is confused, my legs are a little wobbly while my nose… my nose is uncontrollably twitchy,” continued the mole while looking down at his feet.  “And all the time I want to feel happy – and to make this sad feeling go away.”

Mole’s friend put his arm around this gibbering mess of a mole.  There might not be words but he knew how to give his friend a much-needed hug.

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