moving house

Moving house is always an emotional and exhausting experience.

But, as it turns out, the house we moved last week was a piece of cake.

IMG_6522Even Mini admits she has grown out of her dolls house.  A constant favourite over the last 7 years, she now sees the benefit in freeing up some space in her bedroom and passing the house onto some new loving fingers with imaginative minds.


I was advised that her godmother’s sprogs should have first refusal… but I was concerned about transport.  Crystal Palace isn’t exactly just down-the-road and I wasn’t sure it would be easy to house a house on a train.


That’s when I remembered Addison Lee’s delivery service.  A quick email to a powerful car/van man and we were well-on-the-road to shifting this dolls house.

a lick of paint for the (dolls) house

a lick of paint for the (dolls) house

Before it left, a little interior design/spring-cleaning was necessary.  We’d hardly like the new owners to think that we weren’t house-proud.

a little note for the new owner was written on the back

a little note for the new owner was written on the back

And once it was looking better than it had EVER looked on our premises, the dolls house was picked up and delivered to its new postcode.

addison lee delivery service

A HUGE thank you to Addison Lee to making our house move so very easy.

This delivery would have cost £35



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