A girlfriend marriage

Someone once told me that if you have to work hard at keeping a relationship going, the friendship is false. I don’t agree at all. Kooky Cook and I have not had a second to catch up on our Christmas breaks, current projects and life as we live it.  Today we did and as we updated and downloaded simultaneously, I realised that our girlfriend friendships need the love and attention we, at least, try to give our marriages.

David Cameron has ‘revealed’ (via the trusty source, Now magazine) that he and Sam Cam need a date- night each week to keep their marriage sane. There is no revelation there, we are all too aware of the need to prioritise our partners – but what about those girl-friendships or lad-mates?  They also need our time and affection.

Kooky Cook and I feel better now; we have laughed, whinged and debated over strong coffee. But mental note on my part not to let the girlie side down. It’s who we are and, crucially, there’s no marriage to stop it from falling apart.

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