adding Method to my cleaning madness

A clean and tidy home allows for a clear head’.  I don’t know who said that but I wholeheartedly agree.  I quite simply can’t function at all with a dirty kitchen, the hallway littered with odd shoes and half a games kit while His socks are lying on the bedroom floor.  I feel all uneasy.

So I tidy.  All the time.  Compulsively… until my house is tidy and my head is clear.

Then I clean.  I realise that I now sound like an utter OCD nutter.  I don’t actually clean all the time.  Instead, I do the bare minimum in between visits from our lovely cleaner.  But this surface cleaning is done with the most divine smelling, environmentally-friendly products that exist on this planet.

Method handwash and toilet cleaner

Method handwash and toilet cleaner

If you don’t use Method, change your Ocado shopping list today.  Effective, pretty, safe and pleasantly fragranced (forget that toxic stink of Cif or Flash toilet cleaner)… it’s no wonder Method was acquired for an undisclosed price last September by the Belgian company Ecover.

As always, there’s a great story behind the brand. Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry were childhood friends from Detroit.  In 2001, living in what they called a “dirty little flat” in San Francisco, they plotted to disrupt the all-but-impenetrable cleaning products industry which has been long dominated by giants such SC Johnson and Procter & Gamble.

Since then cleaning supplies have taken on a new role in our home.  Where these Method bottles are lacking in chemicals,  they are – on the other hand – loaded with responsibility and make that quick clean a much more enjoyable task.

my favourite Method friends

my favourite Method friends

Thanks to Big Green Smile for completing my range of Method goodies.


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