Black rice – the new life supplement

Superfoods, antioxidants, low in sugar, high in fibre, a balanced diet, 8 hours sleep… we’ve heard it all.  But apparently we need to listen all over again as a new ‘life supplement’ has hit our shores.

Black rice, fully recognised in China but totally overlooked in the West, is now being revealed by scientists as the greatest superfood of them all.

Last night I went along to the Chi Yu Wellness Centre* (off Marylebone High Street) to meet Christa Nicola, founder of  Wellwellwell Inc, and to quiz her on her new line of vitamins including freeze-dried, Black Rice Bran.  (Black rice is full of antioxidants, vitamin E and fibre but the real concentration of nutrients is in the actual rice bran.)

£21.95 per 125g

Without preaching, she told me that one spoonful of Black Rice Bran has more anthocyanin antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries but with less sugar and more Vitamin E.   Pretty impressive.

Add to smoothies, porridge and yoghurt and watch a divine rich purpleness begin in your life.

*the holistic ladies at Chi Yu treated me to their magical reflexology before allowing me to set off home.  I had forgotten how utterly relaxing good reflexology can be. 1 hr £67




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