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shiny conkers in this world

It’s that conker time of year and a good moment to confess: I have a bit of an odd relationship with conkers. You see, they don’t really make sense to me. Quite exquisite with their signature shiny richly-coloured protective coat, … Continue reading

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the children of Beit Issie Shapiro

We’re all proud of our kids, at some point or other. It’s not a big deal, really. In fact, it would be really odd if we weren’t ever proud of them. Some achieve great things, some less great but feel … Continue reading

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while the family’s away, the dog will play…

We were no longer a family of 4 and I had to stop ignoring the fact that our 5th (slightly furrier) addition didn’t own a passport. Nor was he going to fully appreciate the Israeli adventure I had planned as … Continue reading


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where am I? (Israel part two)

That moment when you first wake up; that feeling that you can’t quite remember where you are. I had exactly THAT this morning. And then I remembered, it’s Part Two of our Israel adventure and the futon-like bed in which … Continue reading

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