where am I? (Israel part two)

That moment when you first wake up; that feeling that you can’t quite remember where you are. I had exactly THAT this morning.

And then I remembered, it’s Part Two of our Israel adventure and the futon-like bed in which he and I were lying was on a kibbutz. A really religious one.

So, I knew that we needed a day trip, it’s just that I hadn’t exactly planned what that might be when I booked the kibbutz part of our trip.

Being in this environment (where we pretty much stick out like a sore thumb) had actually been a real plan though. I’m the least likely person to seek out extra curricular religious observance except that I have this insatiable desire to appreciate different cultures and ways of life. MIX THIS with a constant irritation that we live too much of the good life, I woke up right here.

Anyway we hiked (up + down Mount Arbel) in intense heat, chilled our boots as we swam with locals in the Sea of Galilee (actually a lake) and ate dinner by the Jordan river, a popular baptism site.

Tomorrow we’re off again.

Sea of Galilee

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