Christmas come early @divertimenti

A hot sunny July morning and there I am hotfooting along to Divertimenti‘s Christmas Press Day at their Marylebone High Street shop.  I have a fabulous gay friend and whenever it’s his birthday, I head here – the kitchen shop of all kitchen shops.

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Divertimenti, Marylebone High St

Divertimenti, Marylebone High St


I wander around both floors imagining I am serving up a Mediterranean meal for 20 of my closest friends using their enormous, vibrant serving dishes and extra tall pepper grinders….and then I float out with a garlic crusher as a gift for that friend.

Yesterday I turned my mind (for the first time) to Christmas 2014.  And here is a selection of what I found:

Danish pancake maker £

24 cm Danish pancake maker/ Ebelskiver £39.95

properly retro jelly mould

properly retro jelly mould £6.95

an Aga pizza shuval

an Aga pizza paddle £49.99


soup mugs £12

Mackie’s soup mugs £11.95


Tala Thali curry measure

Tala Thali curry measure £15.95

one perfectly pretty little jug £

Blue Clover little jug £20.95


Divertimenti is celebrating its 50th anniversary

Divertimenti is celebrating its 50th anniversary


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