Daniel’s detox solution / Daniel Galvin

Daniel Galvin, George St, W1

Daniel Galvin, George St, W1

I’m usually completely turned off by anything with the word DETOX in it.  It sounds so boring, painful and usually tastes pretty bad.  But when I realised that the detox I was being offered was for my hair and not my mouth, I agreed wholeheartedly.

Daniel's hair palace

Daniel’s hair palace

You see, Daniel (as in the god of all hair Galvin, OBE) has developed a secret recipe for our luscious locks.  The Christmas party season and all its colour, dry shampoo and volumizing moose – not to mention overload of hair spray – has probably built up a residue in our hair.  And this is the hair colour guru’s solution: actually a pure vitamin C solution which rids any of these impurities from the hair in question.  The best bit is that the effect is immediate – in just one minute – your hair is detoxed…

Emma gives me a great blow dry

Emma gives me a great blow dry

It had been a while since I had been to Daniel’s hair palace.  Although the salon has shifted down the street a little, it took me back to my first highlights experience.  Aged 18, Lady Y had insisted that my rather orange Sun-In days should come to an immediate end, so much so that she even offered to contribute financially towards some much-needed professional colour correction.

my Steel Magnolia moment

my Steel Magnolias moment

The salon is light, airy and full of beautiful ‘almost-real’ blondes.  I felt completely at home.

After the solution and a wash/condition, I was introduced to Emma who would be giving me a blow dry to write home about.

And I left gentled detoxed but bright, smooth and smugly shiny.

the result:  shiny, bouncy, smug hair

the result: shiny, bouncy, smug hair

My detox would have cost £17   My blow dry would have cost £32

Daniel Galvin 58-60 George St, W1





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