darker than dark

Have you even been in the pitch-black?  I certainly didn’t recognise the experience as I braved the deep darkness for a mystery product launch earlier this week.  Knowing now what the product is and what I had to ‘endure’ to witness its launch, I think I may well have ducked out.  Dans Le Noir, the restaurant devoid of any natural or artificial light, orchestrated the evening’s reveal as we were guided to our seats and served our meal by their blind waiters.

Survival tactics kicked in to avoid throwing in the towel on what was, quite frankly, an unnerving setting.  I located my wine glass (I could tell it was a red) and I talked incessantly to anyone who would listen.  At least I would never know if my companions looked fed up with my irritating chatter.

Unbeknown to us, our meals had been cooked with a key mystery ingredient, the Alpro range.  The main course, seared wagyu beef on curly kale and Jerusalem artichoke puree, was absolutely delicious.  Apparently there was also salmon en croute and purple-sprouting broccoli but, disliking eating without sight, I didn’t venture into all four corners of my square plate.  Never one to refuse dessert, I surprised myself by feigning full when I could hear a plate being placed in front of me.

So, by removing one of my senses, did the food taste better, the conversation with strangers flow more easily and the experience give me a new perspective on dining?

I think not.  I felt giddy with excitement to see the light, on the way out of the darkness.

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