Dating a BAD boy

As I’m clearly (or not so clearly) living in a fog of painkillers, it was a HUGE shock to be notified this morning by Neighbour that the lovely Jemima Khan is dating that Russell Brand.

And because I’m as foggy (and bored) as Mr Brand was in his days of drug abuse, I’m now obsessing over this news.

What on earth does a Goldsmith see in this longhaired mad man?  Has she lost leave of her aristocratic senses?  Or is she – like all of us – allowed to be attracted to at least one BAD boy in her lifetime?

I dated a bad boy once so I can tell you where Jemima’s head is.  It’s swimming in delight and naughtiness and ….

Jemima and her BAD boy

Jemima and her BAD boy

Because with a bad boy comes a ridiculous amount of charm and danger – an intoxicating mix.  My bad ex-boy almost lost me my job and more.  He was utterly unsuitable in terms of age, work ethics and, of course, had relatively little prospects.  Needless to say, he WAS super fun. I only thank my lucky stars that pretty soon after we met, he was sent (by his dad – hardly macho!) to Italy to work.  I remember being devastated but realised not long afterwards that it would have been much messier if he hadn’t.

Back to Jemima, I am still surprised that Brand appeals to her refined taste.  But maybe she is just looking to this foul-mouthed, sex-addicted, ex-junkie comic for a little naughtiness after the controlled dating of Hugh Grant, Imran Khan and Shane Warne.  And I suppose every girl deserves a little fun…

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