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My new-ish life as ‘one who writes’ needs accessorising. Quite frankly, I hardly need any excuse to shop but my beautiful Pinch desk (40th birthday present from Him) is currently drowning under the men’s fragrances, beauty products, press releases and non-negotiable drawings ‘made for mum’.

I had in mind a big straw basket in which I could keep all the items either being reviewed or about to be considered for review.  As always, I find the most brilliant items when not looking.  I was actually hunting down some popcorn when I came across this beautiful wooden storage box.  Hand-made by Nkuku, a divine company who pride themselves on their fair trade and eco-friendly products, I knew immediately that I was going to have to ignore its hefty price tag.

Justifying madly, I convinced myself that the non exploitation of children, the safe working conditions and the vital support of local community initiatives could all play a part in my mission to become clutter-free.  And I now have no excuse but to work.

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