Desperately Seeking BIG hair.

Everyone (bar a few who boast an unruly barnet) wants big hair but, maybe, no-one quite as much as me.  I’ve got a thing about it.  The way the enormity of a large hairdo says: healthy, happy, vibrant, fun PARTY girl…  makes me want it.  NOW. And each and every time I go out.

But the issue is that my hair isn’t thick.  Despite having a fair few strands (of differing colours),  it’s fine and flyaway (given half the chance) and I’m always searching for new ways to make it rock BIG bouncy Mexican waves…

So, as it happens, I’ve been working hard to scour the beauty planet for magic potions I can squirt on my scalp, roots and ends to grow (and style) my very own BIG HAIR.

my favourite BIG hair products

my favourite BIG hair products

And this post has been a while in the making.  You see, I needed to be absolutely sure that each and every product is as good as all that… before I recommend them to you, my trusting readers.

So, I hearby promise to you that each and every product featured is BRILLIANTLY BIG for your hair and – if that isn’t enough – they are all non-sticky (can’t bear that straw feeling), non-toxic and won’t look ugly in your bathroom or on your dressing table.

Right.  First things first.  Grow Gorgeous.(£29.99)

Grow Gorgeous.  A Hair Love Potion...

Grow Gorgeous. A Hair Love Potion…

I have been using this magic potion most nights since I first bought it on the site.  Just a few drops on my hair line, where my hair is at its thinnest. I was wary as it promises a lot:  fuller and thicker hair.  But the reality is that I can already see a difference…

who else loves a dropping bottle?  I feel so NURSE-like...

who else loves a dropping bottle? I feel so NURSE-like…

The second dropping bottle is Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches(£24.50) hair oil.  Basically disguised as a styling and finishing serum, this oil is properly nourishing for your hair and makes it look shiny and bouncy (especially when layered over the Yarok shampoo and conditioner).

Which brings me nicely into my Yarok rave.  Have you ever tried their powerful blend of organic and all-natural hair products?  I can SWEAR you’ll love them.  Feed Your Roots mentioned the mousse, Feed Your Volume chanted the shampoo and conditioner and whenever you can be bothered, Feed Your Youth whispered the hair and scalp serum.  So, I did.  Yup, the whole bunch are big winners (from £19 for large bottles).

And then – because I’m greedy and wanted to go even BIGGER, I tested Swell.  This is a 3 step system so don’t even try and cut corners.  Step One: volumizing shampoo (massage those roots) Step Two: volumizing conditioner (only to mid and ends) Step Three: Root Nutrient Complex (sprayed onto the roots this is the vital bit.  Containing eighteen active botanical extracts this secret spray creates massive volume all day long. (try the grab bag for £21)

2 final bottles.  Both are sprays.  The Nashi Argan is a hydrating styling mask ensuring the hair behaves itself once blow dried.(from my local hair salon on Fairfax Rd called Avalanche)  Rahua voluminous spray comes into its own when you have literally two minutes to re-bounce the hair before flying out of the door. 100% rainforest grown, this is a gift from some rather clever Amazonian indigenous tribes… (£25 from Urban Retreat)

and VOILA big hair

and VOILA big hair






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