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We are well aware of just how precious life is.  We also know that life is simply made up of quantities of time – fun times, sad times, stressful times, interesting times etc.  Additionally ‘if only I had more time’ is a regular comment of mine and many others.  So (and I am getting to the point so bear with me…) I am wondering why we are rushing around the shops and buying frantically online to complete our Christmas buying list?  Surely we could just give the most precious commodity of all, time.

There are a number of ways we can give our time.  One might be simply giving someone the time of day.  By spending time with someone who would benefit from your company, you are generously giving joy by giving time.

Maybe there are people in our lives who we need to give time to so that they can get things right.

I, for one, often need those I love to give me time and space so that I can, in turn, give them my undivided attention. Curiously, we need time in order to give it.

Needing inspiration in my understanding of time, I turned to Professor Yablon, currently based in Berlin.  He explained The Slow Movement which aims to address the issue of ‘time poverty’ and a growing cultural shift towards slowing down. It’s clear that the  Internet and our connection with technology have left our world in a constant state of fast-forward.

Recognising the disconnection and the pace of our life as an unwanted state of affairs is an important first step in creating the time we need for the aspects of our lives which we deem worthy of our time.

Enough preaching and then theory from me. In a bid to correct my time allocation, this week I am going to not rush or double book my diary, but instead try and give some festive time to those I love.

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