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the green tea from South East China

My father in law and I share more than simply the love of his first born.  We are both green tea addicts.  So, when Green Boar approached me requesting that I review their tea, I asked His father to taste test the tea with me.

Green Boar tea in Great Grandma Doris’ china

I’ll come back to the taste.   Initially, I was simply intrigued by the story behind the brand.  Henry Virgin, founder of Green Boar, was living in China, teaching English in a small, highly polluted factory town in Guangdong Province near Guangzhou when he first realised his passion for tea.  Enjoying the ‘Gong Fu’ style in various teahouses, Henry was bowled over by the incredible flavours of the green and white teas, Taiwanese high-mountain oolongs, oolongs from Wuyishan and puerh from Yunnan Province.

When Henry returned to the UK, he was bitterly disappointed not to be able to find tea made in the Gong Fu style, even in London’s Chinatown. He immediately tried to remedy this by researching tea farms in South East China and eventually, when he was satisfied with the quality, the Green Boar was born.

Adamant that his green tea would be organic, fair trade and delivered in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, Henry wanted everyone to have the luxury of excellent green tea in a convenient tea bag.  A superior taste was not enough; he wanted to be sure that his tea would stand out in a crowded market place as ethical as well as utterly delicious.

Father in law agrees.  The taste is indeed superior and we are both now Green Boar converts.

Green Boar tea

COMPETITION:  5 lucky readers of my blog will win a box of 25 Green Boar Green Tea bags. All you have to do is sign up to my blog (top right of homepage),  follow me on Twitter and RT my Instagram photo of my cup of Green Boar tea on Friday 9th November.  The lucky winners will be selected randomly on Saturday 10th November 2012.

www.greenboar.com is available from Planet Organic (currently on offer) £2.29 and you can read more about Henry’s life in China here.

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