haunted (st j) wood

I am officially scared.  No, worse.  I am petrified having witnessed the Halloween extravaganza that takes over NW8 on 31st October.  As we left our divine girlfriend’s elegant and quaint Halloween party on Carlton Hill (she is an unofficial yank having lived it up in NYC for years), we met crowds of demanding sweet-search devils, dressed up as kids.   My little horrors kept up with the gangs as they filled their pumpkin bucket to the brim and, worryingly, never seemed to question why it might be odd to door-to-door beg from strangers living in horror homes.

The icing on my Primrose Hill Bakery Halloween cupcake was witnessing a coach load of trick or treaters on a sugar mission arrive from…. Beckenham.  Now, that is a long way to come for some penny sweets.

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