HayMax: no prescription required

Smaller verion of Him seems to have a few of His hayfever symptoms.  This summer, for the first time, Small has itchy eyes and a steady stream of sneezes.  Not adverse to remedies and medicine, I initially reached for His antihistamines.  But Small didn’t qualify due to his weight, and anyway, to be honest, the symptoms didn’t seem irritating enough to warrant any side effects such as drowsiness.

HayMax pots

Then I read about HayMax.  A brain wave of Max Wiseberg, a lifetime hayfever sufferer, HayMax is a completely natural balm which needs to be applied to the bottom of your nose.  It acts as an effective pollen trap preventing much of the sneezable pollen from even entering it.

Since Wiseberg launched his organic pots of balm, the product has won prestigious awards as well as being snapped up by the big supermarkets and chemists.  While it isn’t a perfect cure (it is natural after all), it does definitely seem to help Small and his sneezes.

HayMax – A single pot (looks like a lip balm pot) costs £6.99




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