Hexbug: the bug that doesn’t bite

We’re not big into pets in our house.  It’s not that we don’t like animals because we do, but as neither Him nor I grew up with a dog, cat or budgie, we don’t necessarily know what we are missing out on.  So it was curious that, as I was eating my boiled egg for breakfast this morning, I heard some scurrying across the kitchen floor….

Smaller version of Him and Mini-me are obsessed with Hexbugs and their cryptic habitat.  For those who don’t cohabit with the Hexbug craze, I can explain.  Each of these robotic mini creatures has a different name, colour and graphic and they really do behave like real bugs.  They move forward, using their 12 legs, in a vibrating motion and turn according to the terrain. Bumping into walls, changing direction and with limitless energy, the bugs travel over the most interesting assault courses and a labyrinth of tunnels in our home.

Personally, I find our Hexbug friends to be perfect lodgers; the right mix of collectability and funky science to appeal to children and big children alike. Needless to say, our pets were made in China.


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