Kate Middleton hair please

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been wondering how on earth our Duchess managed to stay frizz-free on the Royal barge in that relentless rain?

Duchess of Cambridge waving goodbye to frizz

I don’t even want to imagine how my mane would look subjected to all that dampness.  But frizzy hair is no longer a disaster in the beauty world with more than a handful of serums, mousses, conditioners, sprays –  really, there’s no excuse for Worzel Gummage hair.  But sometimes, the products just don’t cut the mustard and, in my endless bid to save blow drying time and protect my coloured hair, I headed to Joshua Altback – the man who knows more about hair treatments than most of the biggest names in hair put together.

Joshua needs to be ‘in the know’. With a salon on St John’s Wood High Street, his life isn’t worth living without a solution for all those glamorous (did I say demanding) neighbourhood women!  I dragged The Blonde along too – both of us were in need of some taming…

Taking a closer look at my hair type, Joshua recommended the KeraStraight treatment as this simultaneously repairs and smoothes the hair shaft, strengthens the hair and… takes away that frizz.  Having had the treatment before, I knew what to expect.  3 hours later, I emerged with fabulously healthy-looking bouncy blow-dried hair… rather like our friend, in the red.

Joshua Altback 82 St John’s Wood High Street, nw8

Treatments cost from £150.


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