Lost in Colour

I spent last night racing around a grey, wet London.  But I did make time to drop into The Gallery on Cork Street for Stasha, the artist’s, press drinks reception.  And there I found Colour – Stasha’s latest exhibition.

Sir Philip Green and Stasha in front of 'Neighbours', sold last night for £10,500

I should explain, Stasha is Sir Philip Green’s step daughter as well as author of the cookbook How to Feed A Man.  Showcasing her third exhibition, it seems that large colourful canvases are now her thing.

The crowd was as buzzy as the heels were towering.  Stasha herself looked suitably glamorous dressed in white (not a spec of acrylic paint on her).  Asking her where this explosive colour comes from, she explained:  After a terrible year, in painting I found strength.  A strength I never knew I had… the world is still beautiful, still full of hope’.

Today it’s still raining and Small is STILL on half term.  Inspired by Stasha’s use of colour, he and I made a beeline for the local art shop and an hour later produced our own version of ‘Neighbours’.

our version of 'neighbours'


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