menopause isn’t all bad news.

I was ‘introduced’ to the menopause (earlier this year) aged 39 as I needed to have my ovaries removed for genetic reasons.  With open arms, i have welcomed the opportunity this brings me: to buy creams and remedies to soften the hormonal void.

There is no doubt my new post-ovaries life wouldn’t be so fabulous if I hadnt been introduced to Kim at the Specialist Pharmacy  Kim blends the specific hormones you need into a bespoke bio-identical HRT cream which I apply each morning/evening onto my inside arm.  From there, it is absorbed into my blood stream (the skin is particularly thin there) and bingo! I feel great!

Another cream i wouldnt be glowing without is Jason’s Organic Wild Yam Cream. Wild Yam is often promoted as a ‘natural alternative’ to HRT because of the phyto-oestrogens it contains. Spotted in Samantha’s suitcase in the second Sex And The City film, this was a key part of her anti-menopause skin strategy.  And is now part of mine….

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