The day we said ‘I do’

bride and groom

12 years ago today I was dressed in white.  The right side of 30 and with no real sense of responsibility, neither of us had any idea of what marriage really entailed.

And today, I realise that that pre-marriage ignorance is blissful.  And that marriage is better left as an unknown in the run up to anyone’s Big Day.  Thankfully, today’s society at least allows us a little insight as many of us live with our prospective partner beforehand, in sinless love.  But it is, for many of us, a relief that we didn’t trial the juggling act of weekend parenting and financial responsibility in advance too.

One thing is clear here though; that marriage is not just for richer for poorer in sickness and in health.  I’d say it is more about enduring love, deeper understanding and maintaining your focus.

Once again this year, the small people will be forced to rewatch the video (now DVD) of our big day so that they will be reminded of those no-longer, admire my big frock and fully understand why we said ‘I do’.  Maybe that’s exactly the reason we did it.

Happy Anniversary to Him. x





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