the dollar note

Small version of Him has a dollar note.  He is beside himself.  He feels it is quite literally burning a hole in his pocket. The biggest question he faces is should he spend or save it.

The vending machine by the swimming pool is winking at him.  After an hour’s hard core splashing with the pretty girls, he is drooling at the packets of crisps, sweets and chocolate behind the glass.

Earlier in the day we passed a toy shop.  A quirky type of toy shop selling everything a child could dream of, from tattoos to remote control hairy spiders. His head was spinning.  Was there anything in here for sale costing just one dollar?  For the first time, small version of Him was looking at price tags.

While we had a coffee and muffin break, he gazed at the price list on the wall.  Even his peanut butter biscuit cost more than a dollar.  Reality had struck.  One dollar wasn’t enough to buy anything in the world.

He has decided to save the dollar and is in negotiation with Him over a second dollar, based on good behaviour.

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