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Review of my Pilates lesson at West London Osteopaths

The blurb:

Based in a quiet residential street in Shepherds Bush, the West London Osteopaths clinic treats all sorts.  From those with chronic back issues through to those seeking better posture, like me.  As I am either bent over a lap top or running round a track, I felt I would benefit from a little reminder of my core muscles and some increased flexibility.

clearly and unfortunately this is NOT me!

The process:

Polly, my instructor, and I began by discussing how too much cardio exercise as stand alone regular exercise could have a negative effect on my lower back and general core strength.  She was keen to explain to me just how crucial muscle control and flexibility are for my posture.  Shoulders raised and back arched, I could see in the frighteningly large wall mirror how my rushed stretches after my runs are leaving me cripplingly stiff, and ever-so-slightly crooked.

Hopping from the Reformer to the Cadillac, while supported by the Ladderbarrel, Polly had me breathing and controlling for a full 50 minutes.  I was surprised how much concentration it took, in comparison with the running where I desperately try not to acknowledge my aching limbs!

The result:

Always interested in finding lacking inches, I certainly felt taller as I left the studio.  My body felt more aligned and my mind more relaxed.  To make this a regular part of my weekly exercise, I would need to acknowledge that this is less of a work out but more a complementary activity to run along side the sweatier sports.  Otherwise, I might not be able to wear heels forever.

My private 1:1 class with Polly would have cost £70. 65 Vespan Road, W12  020 8749 0581


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