to nag or not to nag

We are all present and correct on BA2167 bound for Longboat Key. The kids have plenty to occupy themselves, my basket is holding a surplus of snacks and smoked salmon bagels and the house is left in a reason state.  But none of this is a coincidence.  This is due to the Queen of Nag aka me.

Researching for this blog post, I ask around a little.  Do men nag?  Why do we nag?  And does the nagging reflect badly on those who nag or those who are nagged?  It seems the men in our lives do not tend to nag us but I am sure that this is not gender indicative but simply a reflection of the way our relationships ‘work’.

I, for one, hate to nag but still persist.  Of course my nagging increases when I have more to do.  And then it doubles again when I doubt that my nagging subject is going to ever carry out the task.  To prepare for a holiday, we divide up who needs to do what and then I nag Him until his duties are completed.  Awful, I know.

So, does nagging actually ‘work’?  I think it probably only works in the short term.  If the recycling needs to go out, the dollars purchased or the video camera charged, then a short sharp nag will inevitably complete the job.  Longer term, I think nagging is detrimental to a relationship and sure-as-hell is not sexy.

Nagging the kids can be damaging too.  Basically, they turn a deaf ear and then you find yourself voiceless in a very noisy household.  On top of this, kids need to understand the reason why they need to brush their teeth, do their homework and put away the board games.

Now, I will not ask myself again.  I’m off to a nag-free beach to try out my new nag-free skills.

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