2 definitions of a (dinner) party

(dinner) party noun

  1. a social occasion at which guests eat dinner together.  Conversation topics include politics, cleaning lady, children’s accolades and husband’s work.  Canapés or crudités on offer before dinner is served.  Table plan reveal who your host thinks you might like to chew with.  Hostess smiles nervously as her menu is enjoyed/picked up or left on plate. Rude to leave before midnight.
  2. a party where dinner is only the first course.  Noise level wakes up children sleeping upstairs. Shots on offer with salty nibbles.  Hostess entertains with food only as an accessory.  No table plan; dash for nearest chair feeling tipsy. Secrets revealed about children’s faux pas and hideous photos from the past are distributed.   Wild dancing, more shots and lots of falling over.  Memory loss ensures you can’t remember what time you left.
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