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I’d say that if there is any job in the world you don’t want to do, you can pretty much find someone (and obviously pay the price) to do it for you.  Well, the lazy just got lazier.  It turns out that all those photos sitting on your digital camera, iphone or lap top can now be organised for you by your very own personal photo organizer (in the US there has been a huge explosion of these ultra-organised and often artistically unfulfilled people).  Leaving you with your images filed by holiday, prints ordered by child and mouthwatering photo albums to show any great aunt who happens to drop by, I can see that this might just pick up in certain areas of the UK too.*

one of my instagram-doctored photos

Personally, I would be too ashamed to show anyone the lack of image efficiency in my house.  But, more than this, I’m adoring using my newish toy, Instagram (follow me @lifeofyablon).  I have nominated myself chief photographer here in Ibiza and I am obsessing about the borders, tints and effects I can add to each picture.

And I have a plan for my return too.  These images won’t just live in Cyberspace.  The fabulous people at CEWE Photobooks are not going to allow me to be lazy this time.  With an offer to download their award winning software, select one of their stunning photo books and review just how easy it is layout my shots, these photos will become an actual paper memory, a beautiful coffee table book which will delight the Smalls every time they chose to flick through and remember this Ibizan adventure.

COMPETITION:  And, of course, I wouldn’t just run off into the balearic sunset without a competition prize for my readers.   So, follow me on twitter @yablon and then all you have to do is retweet my chosen photo of a beautiful beach tagged as @cewephotobook competition photo.  2 of my retweeters will be chosen to win a £50 voucher each to make their own stunning photo book at CEWE Photobook.  Competition ends 25th August 2012.

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