Saluting the Ibizan Sun

Going by Ibizan timings, a 9.30am meeting was obscenely early.  I literally had scraped myself out of bed and left Him and the Smalls gently snoring in order to head down to the Atzaro hotel spa.  And there, I was greeted by the rather spiritual and glowingly happy Larah, founder of Ibiza Retreats, the bespoke wellness company catering for a wide variety of client holistic needs while visiting the island.

Larah Davis, founder of Ibiza Retreats

The previous evening, He had given me a curious look as I scrambled around my suitcase looking for something that could resemble yoga-wear.  ‘But you don’t do yoga,’ He quite rightly pointed out.

Larah seemed unbothered by my confession as a yoga imposter.  She rolled out our mats on the decking by a field of crops, clicked the Mac Air to release the yogic sounds and as the sun warmed up, we downward dogged and sun saluted for well over an hour.

Genuinely feeling the most relaxed I had in months, I had to know what Ibiza Retreats and the lovely Larah are all about.  A mint tea for her and a strong black coffee for me, I quizzed her on the must-visits of Ibiza as well as what life is like as the holistic life coach to the (stressed) rich and famous.

What can you promise your clients?

Our clients receive the best personalised care in some of the most soulful, spiritual places on the island, the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track sanctuaries, with inspiring teaching and healing hands to nurture their body, mind and soul.

What led you to set up the company?

After working 70 hour weeks in London, I was sharply reminded to turn my life back to the coaching, life-development, yoga & consciousness arena. And then, as a friend was suffering with cancer, I felt compelled to help her free herself from the fear and trauma.  In essence, I was searching for a therapeutic perspective to the massive stress that I could see was caused by living an unhealthy 24/7 lifestyle.

What are the best and worst parts of the job?

I adore working with clients who come to Ibiza to let go, to rejuvenate, who find the courage to look at themselves more deeply and to challenge themselves to grow physically, emotionally and energetically.

The only downside is keeping up with the admin side of the business during the August high-season in the heat! Actually, we are currently on the look out for a perfect assistant who is as passionate about our vision and mission as we are.

How do you wake up in the morning?

I love a delicious cup of morning tea, with fresh lemon from our tree, delivered to me in bed with love by my partner….  Before my little one is up (ideally), I go into the garden and stretch and breathe into some heart opening asanas, grounding my energy and inhaling the inspiration for the day ahead.

What inspires you?

The nature here in Ibiza:  the amazing beauty, the abundance of flowers and fruits and new life growing all year around.  The emerald and turquoise waters that surround Ibiza contrast majestically with the rust-red soil.

Why Ibiza?

The magical energy here, the international inhabitants who melt together to create a pot of vibrant, characterful individuals and the sense of freedom to “be who you are”.

If not Ibiza, where?

Hard to say – I tried Sydney, New York, Mexico, California….. yet Ibiza really has it all for me here….

Best novels you have read this year?

Wayne Dwyer: There is a spiritual solution for every problem

Sarah Winman: When God was a Rabbit

Favourite lotion or potion?

An amazing sticky pack by amazing Anna Brooks, the botanist who creates incredible pommades for hair and body here in the north of the island.

Which dance floor might we find you on?

Ideally the beach…. under the stars but failing that, Aura!

Beach dress or yoga pants?

It’s high summer – so beach dress with yoga shorts and sports top at the ready! Yoga pants from end of September.

Tell us a secret about the island.

There are over 250 different healing herbs and plants here.


My 1:1 fabulous yoga session would have cost 80 euros.

Tel: +34 670 248 292


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