Annina’s mismatched studs

For those who don’t (yet) share the same Annina Vogel obsession… this woman creates her namesake jewellery by sourcing the most beautiful vintage charms in Victorian gold.  She then redesigns many of them so that they become modern day treasures.  AND – this is the really important bit – every single piece of jewellery is one-of-a-kind.

stolen from my Instgram feed

stolen from my Instgram feed

My instagram followers might have seen the Victorian gold typewriter (picked out by the Smalls for last year’s bday) hanging round my neck.

Foxes, swans, crowns, flowers, birds, horseshoes, tiny lockets, cups… you name it…totally charm-ing.  And rather cleverly, Annina reworks many of these charms into appendages to rings, studs and more dangly earrings.

Kate Moss in Annina's charm necklace at Glastonbury last year

Kate Moss in Annina’s charm necklace at Glastonbury last year

Clearly, I’m not the only one to be a Vogel magpie.  Celebrities (such as Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung and Florence Welch) and commoners alike flock to her stock of treasure.

Annina Vogel's mismatched studs

studs start at £250

My latest Annina obsession is for her mismatched studs.  So I tracked her down and asked her a few questions whilst snapping furiously at her jewels.

who wears mismatched studs exceptionally well?  Stella Tennant – who is often seen wearing her Annina Vogel Long Signature Necklace and mismatched earrings…

Annina Vogel and her Victorian jewels

Annina Vogel and her Victorian jewels

which one is your favourite?  Fox and Hound

where do you find such gems?  That would be telling!

what is the most precious stud you have ever found?  an enamel diamond cockatoo

what else can be worn mismatched?  cufflinks and shoes

how would you describe your style?  eclectic, colourful and always mixing old with new

what makes you laugh?  my dogs

what makes you cry?  my dogs

which piece of jewellery do you wear day in day out?  my dogs’ baby teeth enclosed in a diamond locket

Victorian chain rings… I confess this might be my favourite ring ever

Victorian gold chain rings… I confess I have one.. and it might be my favourite ring ever as it can be stacked or just worn on my thumb

who do you admire?  Kate Moss

where do you hide?  under the duvet

tell us a jewel secret  Oh dear… I’m stumped!

Curiously fashionable while utterly timeless… these cult heirlooms have me hooked…  

Annina Vogel: visit either Liberty or Selfridges for the best selection 





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