are we twits to tweet?

It’s curious to sit (and not tweet) and wonder what we did in a world before we broadcasted our lesser thoughts across the Twitter highway?  How did we spend our extra minutes or hours (if we are twit-obsessed) in the olden days? Did we ever wonder what someone we didn’t know was thinking?

Today I am writing as a director of  where we advise all our clients to
allocate budget/time to social media activity. We know, as a fact, that this will increase their an effective way for them to listen to their customers’ feedback or even carry out market research.  Many consumer-facing businesses use these channels to announce new products,
promotions, competitions and even publicise new hires.

But there is no doubt that this aspect of a marketing campaign takes investment in the form of time and effort.  Unlike a TV advertising campaign, a network of core supporters cannot be bought in the same way as a media spot.  Followers need to be as relevant as the tweets released and brand credibility can only be achieved with the right attitude and tone of voice, often only appropriate within the context of social media.

Clearly, for businesses, Twitter is a necessary evil.  Yet the real drivers behind this adrenalized broadcasting system are the celebrities and media worlds entwined. Well known household names tell us what they eating, reading and thinking in this ungoverned forum and we, as
followers, are hooked.

I wonder what is the future of Twitter?  Is this stream of consciousness, refreshed every few seconds, a mind-blowingly cool time capsule or just an extraordinary time-waster?

Try and answer me in 140 characters.

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