Di-vine De-stress

We’re so English.  The idea of welcoming a stranger into our home, taking off our clothes and lying almost butt-naked for an hour would fill us with dread.

Enter Alexia.

She is yogic, immediately bare foot and exudes calmness in everything she says and does.  Seamlessly, she has magically hot-footed upstairs and, within minutes, has turned our guest room into a spa haven with dimmed lights, a candle and hypnotic music.

As a working mother, I have always considered myself to be an extraordinarily effective multi-tasker.  Only recently, I have realized that, by squeezing hour-long tasks into 30 minute slots, I am an obvious culprit of the newly revealed ‘over-multitasking’.  Hence the stress, which Alexia discovers accumulating in my shoulders. She sets to work to untangle my tense body.

I drift away to a far-off land.  My deadlines, the kids’ homework and an empty fridge are simply a vague
memory.  The only frustration is that Alexia is great company and has many a good yarn to tell of her travels, but
she politely suggests I don’t chat in order to gain maximum benefit from her relaxation magic.

An hour later, I am transformed.  I am convinced that massage is the drug of today and Alexia is the goddess of all massages.

We all need a fix.  Contact Alexia before she goes exploring the world, again. Mobile: 07508025112

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