Cheesy dreams

I hardly had time to sleep last night. Climbing trees with Jude Law, necking cocktails with Jessie Pinkman and dancing til dawn with… Tony BLAIR* (?!)  were all part of my mad, crazy, hilarious dreams.  And why?  Quite simply because I overdosed on cheese last night.

Chaource - pre baking

Chaource – pre baking

The cheese in question was Chaource from the Bourgogne region in France.  I was sent it from a lovely PR who has the tricky job of trying to promote a fromagerie…  Anyway, I gladly stepped in – offering to make it the focus of my dinner.  For Him.


and here it is after 20 minutes of baking

The lack of my dinners are a bone of contention.  I’ve tried to explain before but it’s honestly the LAST thing I feel like doing come 7pm each evening.  He’s much more understanding than he used to be but also tickled pink when I manage to throw something hot on a plate.

I dressed my Chaource with fresh rosemary and poked some garlic into its skin before baking it, alongside some olive-oiled sourdough.

roast cauliflower, peppers and chilli

roast cauliflower, peppers and chilli

Roast cauliflower, cold meats and some hot and sweet cooked peppers also joined our mini cheese fondue.  The cheese was completely delicious – creamy and rich and mushroomy.  In fact, if you’re a Camembert fan, there’s no doubt you’ll love this little cheese.

cheesy dinner for 2

cheesy dinner for 2

He added the wine (Joseph Drouhin, Rully) which complemented the cheese perfectly.


But, despite my asking, He won’t tell me His mad dreams.

* if anyone is at all interested, Tony Blair is not a bad dancer….

 Tesco Finest stocks Chaource (250g £3) which is produced by Lincet, a family-owned french dairy fromagerie.





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