confessions of a chalet girl

I’ve always been bemused by the role of chalet girl: utterly charming to all guests, amazingly efficient at cooking, cleaning and, of course, a dab hand at parallel turns. But is the real skill of this blonde, pretty, young, posh girl to burn the candle at both ends while appearing as fresh as a daisy at breakfast time?

Dying to know just how scandalous they are, I treated an ex chalet girl to a fully-loaded cocktail, encouraging her to spill the beans.  I wanted the real dirt, gossip and shocking truth – from outrageous guests to what makes a chalet girl fabulous to her contemporaries… read on for her confessions on behalf of the infamous play-hard-play-hard ski hosting army:




  • Drink.  Drink while you work. Never too early in the day (disguised in a mug) and often continues through until the first lift opens at 8:30am.
  •  Cater for all the needs of your guests. Leaving them wanting nothing more… One girl even allowed herself to be tied up by eight 22 year old male guests.
  • Cake batter has more than occasionally seen the floor before filling the cake tin.
  • Local hotel’s hot tub is a regular place to get ‘intimate’ with fellow chalet boys on the way home from a big night out – even if it involves leapfrogging the hotel fence.
  • Chalet change-over day is often a big excuse to drink the allocated welcome drink champagne for the next week’s guests.  Cleaning never was fun without a little fuel.
  • Naked skiing, bed hopping, ‘fondle-her’ in a gondola – you name it.  These girls and their chalet boys love a challenge.

Learning to ski is clearly only one of the motivations for doing a ski season. So, the next time you tuck into a lemon drizzle after a long ski, look your chalet girl in the eye and ask her what she got up to today…

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