at the end of our rainbows…

It’s New Year’s Eve (again) and I’m wondering how to sign off the year. It’s my favourite post of the year and yet the hardest to write.

My immediate thoughts turn to what we want, what we have and what we are striving for. Of course, we all have FAR too much but always tend to want more. And just occasionally I wonder – what is this all for?

So, about last week I started to think about rainbows, the colourful archway into a new world (or year) and that legendary pot of gold? Apparently right there at the end of the rainbow sits a leprechaun, hammering on a shoe, who will reveal the whereabouts of said gold but I’m honestly not convinced. As with most of my theories, I like to imagine a little more.

rainbow and gold

I mean, what is the relevance of the little multi-coloured streak of light that brightens darkly-covered skies? And what would I hope to find? On my list would absolutely be a Time-Go-Slow machine as I am a little disturbed as to why it always seems to be a new week, month or year. (How on earth I am 43 years old is simply beyond me.) But, instead of self-reflecting too much, I wondered what others hoped for and picked on some of my 2014 heroes to elaborate further as to what lies at the end of their rainbows…

Bryony from In Clover magazine tells me ‘a copy of Volume Two of In Clover along with a stack of old books and freshly brewed tea at my kitchen table.’  Stylonylon’s Julia lists ‘a published version of my YA fiction, a beautiful blog re-design, white floorboards, a tuneful piano, yoga-toned limbs, a 60mm macro-lens and a mini-me no.2! Plus hours, lots more hours in the day…  Amanda from The Contented Lady mentions ‘George Clooney having got over his taste for the Middle East plus a giant never-ending supply of rose and violet creams.’  PUSH PR‘s Emma explains ‘at the end of my rainbow lies strength, unconditional love and no regrets.’  Clare of Clare Walsh Photography quickly responds: ‘waking up with no alarm, the magic hour, my own garden and village where everyone I know lives.’ Sunuva’s Emily comments ‘my kids and husband on a tropical beach while the sun is setting on a paddle board plus a Campari soda with a squeeze of orange…’  Liz from A Beautiful World can’t wait to inform me that ‘it’s a beautiful place, all pink, filled with friends, husband and let’s throw in a puppy for good measure, oh and that AMAZING Hermione de Paula dress. It’s a place that’s exciting, inspiring, and everyone who arrives, leaves feeling like they can rule the world….can I go there now please?

Symbolically the rainbow is a sign of hope and optimism but perhaps the most poignant thought around our rainbow dreams is that there is – of course – nothing there. So don’t wait for the leprechaun’s directions but instead seize this new year, my friends, dream BIG and bring forward all those wishes to make them a reality. (A pot of gold would never really make you happy anyway.)

Wishing you ALL a magically Happy New Year from me at Life of Yablon. xxx






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