Frame: one last stab at ballet

Frame in Queens Park

Frame in Queens Park

I had hardly got into the swing of pointing my toes (aged 5ish) when Lady Y was taken aside by the ballet teacher (who happened to be her friend – even more mortifying) to say that I wasn’t really cut out for the tutu thing.  From what I can understand, I was more of an elephant than a fairy and there was nothing really the ballet teacher could do to correct this.

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ballet legs, I wish for

ballet legs, I wish for

So it was more the exercise than the plié that appealed to me when I first heard about the Barre class at Frame in Queens Park.  I booked myself in with three unsuspecting friends and headed down to the most recently opened Frame gym.


friends turn their butt to ballet

Frame Shoreditch has been a rip roaring success.  I just can’t travel that far to sweat.  Queens Park’s version opened last year and is a pretty cool NYC-looking space.  If I wasn’t always in a rush, I would sit there to read their magazines and sip Coco Vita.

Our teacher, Jaime, actually was a yank.  She had leg warmers, ballet shoes and some pretty toned thighs.  This was looking hopeful.

Frame Barre class in Queens Park

Frame Barre class in Queens Park

But the music and the class’ lack of structure, I thought, let her down.  The exercises at the barre could have been so good – if only I could see the mirror to see which way my legs were pointing.  And I SO desperately wanted the music to fit.  Instead, she kept apologizing for a faulty shuffle.

I’d say that I’ve probably exerted myself more running for a bus than I did in this class. And seeing as it ‘didn’t work’, I will now NEVER be a ballerina.

But do visit Frame to see how a gym should look; the Virgin Actives of this world would blush.

Frame Queen’s Park offers yoga, pilates, boot camps, body conditioning, dancefit and so much more.   









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