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the sun can be evil

Fear not, I am not about to launch into a lecture about sunscreen and the dangers of unprotected skin (especially on such a cloudy morning).  But, I just couldn’t let the summer pass without a reminder that malignant melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in Britain and the scary fact that it is disproportionately high in young people.

A couple of weeks ago, we were enjoying some London heat.  Mini-Me was doing a tennis camp that week and, as she was going to be exposed to a burning sun for several hours, I was concerned that she would burn.

We are all aware that the Aussies know their sunscreen from their rash vests so I tried out a new (to me) brand from Down Under.  SunSense is the no 1 sun cream prescribed by doctors over there and it’s quite brilliant for very sensitive and fair skins.  Undeniably waterproof (I could hardly get it off my hands afterwards!), the cream 100% protected my budding tennis player when only mad dogs would have running around a tropical tennis court.


SunSense Ultra

COMPETITION:  I was so thrilled with my find, I immediately contacted the Aussies to secure 8 more bottles of their SunSense Ultra (£13.64) so that my readers will be protected all summer long.  All you have to do is email EmmaParlons@gmail.com with your name and address before 15th August 2012.

The SunSense range is available from Waitrose, Ocado, John Lewis stores as well as leading independent pharmacies.

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