Me&Em: the story of a t-shirt

Very rarely does one find the perfect t-shirt.  And almost never can one spot a perfect t-shirt without even trying it on.

Jemima Khan – keen on slouch wear

Me&Em one-off shop

Firstly, I should explain, I’m a loungewear fanatic.  The moment the front door is shut behind me, I am leaping up the stairs eager to throw on comfortable clothes. And, the luxurious online and mail order retailer, Me&Em is one of my fail safe go-to brands when writing at home or just relaxing with the kids. Run by Emma Howarth and Clare Hornby, the original founders of Pyjama Room, the clothing brand can boast Emilia Fox, Rosamund Pike, Jemima Khan and Kirsty Young as all being fans of lounging around in their unbelievable comfortable but also super stylish casual wear.

Back to the T-shirt hunt.  As I am always on the look out for a perfect t-shirt, I spotted their scoop neck, subtle flare, dragonfly linen t-shirt (£59) when it first launched a couple of summers ago and then proceeded to deliberate over it for… well, too long.  By the time I had decided to purchase it, they had sold out.

THE Dragonfly T-shirt

I tried pestering their customer service hotline.  No luck. I tried Ebay.  Again, no joy.

And today, on the way to a press appointment, I walked past Me&Em’s one-off stand alone shop on Connaught St, W2.  Their sample sale (which I didn’t even know existed) was in full swing and, there on the rail, was MY t-shirt (£20).

ME&EM Connaught St, W2

While I am one very happy and satisfied customer, I thought you too might like to pop along to check out the ridiculously brilliant sample sale prices at Me&Em.  The sale is on for another week.

ME&EM 08456 800 975


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