Hix’s Bake-off

Fortnums & Mason on Piccadilly W1

Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly W1

I know what you are thinking – and rightly so.  Another tough day in the Life of Yablon?  And you’re absolutely right.  Heading off to Fortnum & Mason this morning, the excitement was ALL MINE in anticipation of meeting (and observing) Mark Hix as he baked in store.

Mark gets baking

Mark gets baking

I’m a fairly large Hix fan so when I heard that he was to be the first of the nation’s chefs baking-off in deliciously elegant Fortnum & Mason, I made a beeline for Piccadilly with little black book and iPhone in hand.

LL and I shared a light salad in The Palour on the 2nd floor, just so that we could keep an eye on Mark as he set up around the corner.  And then, we took the front row and giggled flirtatiously at his every gag.

roast squash and enoki mushroom salad

roast squash and enoki mushroom salad at The Palour, Fortnum & Mason

Here is my interview with Mark:

What makes a great baker? Patience is always a good starter – you can’t rush baking and it can’t be guess work.

With 15 minutes, what could you bake? Some simple butter biscuits

Who would you share your perfect sandwich with?  I don’t share sandwiches

beetroot tarts

beetroot tarts pre oven

A Lurpak or Flora man? Neither

Who first inspired you to bake? My nan

And what did you make?  I don’t remember but my nan used to make a mean hot water pastry and so I’ve always liked experimenting with different pastries.

Where is the best breakfast served in London? The Wolseley is always the most fun place to eat breakfast

Fav desert in the world?  Impossible to answer but i do like the way the French always have an il flotant on the menu

What should I buy from Fortnums before leaving?  Why tea, of course!

Hix's salmon with dill

Hix’s baked salmon with honey, mustard & dill

a fairy tale staircase

a fairy tale staircase

So, I bought a tin of loose green tea with elderflower on my way out & vowed to try Mark’s baked salmon with dill, mustard and honey this week.

The pop-up Bakery at Fortnum & Mason will run for 10 weeks (until 7th April) and will feature dishes devised by the nation’s best-loved bakers, from Mark Hix to Edd Kimber and Paul Hollywood. Each will also host masterclasses and events for customers.

Mark Hix on Baking is for sale here. 





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