I am blushing

I am blushing.  Not in an embarrassed, self-conscious way but in glowing, girlie way.  And it is nothing anyone has said either, it is simply because I have been using Dr Perricone’s First Blush Brightening Serum.

Dr Nicholas Perricone pioneers powerful skincare concepts.  He links super foods to beautiful, young-looking skin and has revolutionised the skincare industry with his award-winning line of products, SUPER.  Convinced that cellular inflammation may be the underlying cause of wrinkles, he strives to prevent this inflammation and to therefore slow down the aging process.

So here I am blushing because I am convinced that I am looking more youthful.

The dose of melon extract, in this rather cute bottle of serum, is protecting my cells and the vitamin C is reducing discolouration and improving the skin’s health and radiance.  Brightening, tightening and glowing…. Who wouldn’t want to blush?

available from www.boots.com £35

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