I blame Jessie J

Jessie J with her purple dip-dyed hair


Mini-Me was glued to The Voice every Saturday the talent show was aired.  Mesmerized by the singer, it wasn’t long before the not-even-eight-year-old was asking if she too could dip-dye her hair purple too.  An easy question to answer.

However, the Neighbour did suggest a compromise.  Feather Ray hair extensions, now available

rainbow festival mix

in TopShop (Oxford Circus), are an ingenious way of adding a splash of colour (or a more subtle feather dimension) to your hair.  The feathers, brought to the UK by two festival-loving friends, can be washed and styled just like normal hair.

Mini-Me’s Feather Ray

I had to remind Mini-Me to breathe, she was so excited about our mission.  She choose beautiful turquoise feathers (not cheap at £25!) and is now delighted with her edgy but extremely subtle punk look.

The feathers can be ordered online (and come with instructions) but I’d advise a trip to the shopping mecca (ground floor by make-up) to have it put in professionally.

Feather Ray at TopShop



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