I’m all in a lather.

Yes, you read that right.  I am all in a lather.  And my hair is a trifle confused too.  In fact, the blow-dried strands don’t have a clue what’s going on.  All they can establish is that I step into the shower each day with a different looking bottle of shampoo.  There’s a world recession, never-ending war in the Middle East and I’m hunting a new world of hair care.  But, I should add, my criteria are strict.  Be assured, it’s not by any stroke of luck that these bottles of hair soap appear in my top five.  Each and every finalist really will change our hair-lives.

my top 5 shampoos for the die-hard beauty lovers

Ok, so that first paragraph will have thrown off any shampoo-loving imposters.  Only my die-hard beauty lovers will read on.   And this post is for you, those of us who are curious as to what does and doesn’t make a good hair cleanse.  Right, let’s get technical.

Because our shower water varies across the country, Area H20 has been busy in a lab testing metal ions in each water type. And now that they ‘get it’, the haircare specialist has developed a range of shampoos that can rid our locks of these mineral deposits.  A true Einstein moment, for the hair world, I should imagine. London-based chicks – we are afflicted with hard water (just take a look inside your kettle) and even one wash with Area H20 Shampoo £9.95 descaled my hair to leave it feeling smoother and less flyaway.

Evo Gluttony Shampoo.  Where to start?  What a name! Hilarious packaging, brilliant marketing, a celebrity following – and that’s all before we even get wet.  This delicious smelling ‘protein and film formers’ get right into and onto each hair strand and totally glossed me up.  At £10.60, a perfect girlfriend gift – if she too is a hair-lover.

finally, a shampoo with a sense of humour

Yes to Tomatoes Volumising Shampoo(£8.20/500ml) gave me the big hair I needed for the Elbow concert at Wembley last night.  Just one of the numerous shampoos from Big Green Smile (currently my online pit stop for all beauty potions), I’d recommend this one as a great value buy that does what it says on its bottle.

As we enter the retoxifying Christmas period, we can at least detox and rebalance our locks with Evolve Organic Beauty Detox and Protect Shampoo £9.99. Coconut extracts and moringa seed (often nicknamed the miracle seed for its multi-nutritional benefits) remove impurities and pollution while simultaneously rebalancing your hair pH.

Any false-blonde will know that the last week before you miraculously turn blonder is always the trickiest.  Well, Organic Colour Systems Status Quo is all you need to tie you over until the foils are in.  Completely free from salt (a bulking agent used in many shampoos and conditioners that usually strip colour) this winner has brightened up my over-due highlights no end.

Join me in washing any dullness, hard water or plain old dirt right out of your hair.



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