an interview with Pinch

Where is your favourite place to sit and relax in your home?  Is it in a big comfy armchair? Or at the kitchen table?  Perhaps you even sneak back into bed, given half the chance?

my favourite place to sit in our house. My 40th birthday present from Him. By Pinch.

my favourite place to sit in our house. My 40th birthday present from Him. By Pinch.

I sit here.  At my Pinch desk over looking nothing spectacular.  Just a busy-ish London street.  But it’s at this beautiful desk (my 40th birthday present from Him) that I am most happy.

When I read that the very talented husband/wife Pinch team won Best British Brand at the Elle Decoration British Design awards, I was overjoyed for them.  And I promptly got in touch with Oona and Russell begging for an interview:

which was the first piece Pinch ever designed?  The wave sideboard in 2005

as a husband/wife team – how do you turn off in the evenings?  There is no turning off when the business is so demanding both operationally and creatively – but when you love what you do it’s no burden.

Brody low back armchair by Pinch

Brody low back armchair by Pinch

can your kids draw? Our kids are 4 and 6 and the first thing they do when they wake up or come in from school is to head for the ream of paper and the myriad of pencils and pens. Our elder creates geometric studies in symmetry with her ruler (a graphic designer in the making) and the younger creates wild and chaotic beasties .  Chalk and cheese but firm friends.

where do you shop for non-Pinch furniture for your home? We look for weird and wonderful to compliment our own pieces. We recently bought an excellent triangle backed chair from a market in France and a beautiful painting by Susan Shup from Rabih Hage.

Which pieces are you currently working on launching in 2014?  A much requested bedside table with drawer and a new ethereal table light ‘Defrome’….both pieces will be great additions to our range and the mood of our collection – next brief to ourselves is the bed itself.

do you clothes shop together? Yes – we hunt in a pack – not so much time for shopping these days so its all about maximum achievement in minimal time.  Decisions are made quickly and sometimes landed by what our kids think looks cool!

Clement coffee table by Pinch

Clement coffee table by Pinch

As a family – what do you love to do on a lazy Sunday?  Pancakes with bacon, strawberries and maple syrup. Swimming with kids unless we can find a decent excuse.  Making time to be an attentive audience for the dance shows the kids like to produce, direct and star in.   Making time to read- be it kids stories,  magazines, cook books or the pile of half read books that props up the bedside light.

How much of your weekends do you work? We try to keep weekends sacred (ish).  Brains work better if given some respite.

what advice would you offer for any husband/wife work team?  It helps enormously if you have different skills and that are recognised and reflected in the division of labour. Remember to laugh – it’s only table and chairs.  Trust in your other half to do their best – even if you don’t reach perfection you should always value the effort.

Goddard sofa by Pinch

Goddard sofa by Pinch

if not furniture, what?  Russell – Storm chasing farmer  Oona – restaurant critic

what did you last buy online?  A rucksack for our upcoming trip to India.

if you could be based anywhere in the world, where would you live?  San Francisco please.

Do check out the Pinch designs… and prepare to be wowed.


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