jeans and genes

I found it amusing when the Daily Mail photographer turned up to snap me for Thursday paper (where i tell all not bare all!) for the BRCA gene story.  I was wearing my paige skinnies with a diane von f white shirt when he instructed:  no jeans for Daily Mail shots! 

I wonder why the Daily Mail feel it is so important for their profile pics not to include any denim?  The whole world wears jeans – even my grandma aged 95 had a pair of jeans.  The Daily Mail is meant to be aimed at those who wear jeans, isnt it?

final point on this subject (so as not to bore) – it reminded me of the very worthy   which takes place on 7th October.  Donna Ida is pushing it big time and I am a huge fan of her boutiques.   Just don’t arrange a Daily Mail photoshoot on that day.

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