Knomo: a new mobile home for my lap top

Pippa Middleton and her Knomo bag

Pippa Middleton and her Knomo bag

Last month I dragged 2 large suitcases (on wheels) and 2 hot, tired Smalls through Pisa airport.  And that would have been painful enough except that I had my lap top (which I don’t ever go anywhere without) in a messenger computer bag strapped across me.  Proverbially that was the moment that broke the camel’s back, as I swore (fairly audibly) that the moment I got home I would find a lap top bag on wheels.  I justified that not only would airports be more pleasant experience, but I would also arrive at interviews and client meetings in more style and with less backache.

my Knomo Scala mid-travel

my Knomo Scala (289 euros) mid-travel

But, in my mind, I had thought that this wheely bag would have to be black, masculine and undisputedly executive-swanky looking.  And then I discovered Knomo and their effortless and madly attractive designs.  From lap top sleeves to handbags to man bags to cabin-sized wheeled lap top (almost weekend) bag.

Knomo press day - the new range of bags for carrying our precious technology

Knomo press day – the new range of bags for carrying our precious technology

I got in touch with Knomo immediately.  I had never seen such feminine yet practical bags, each designed to house technology (iphone, ipad, laptop etc).  The PR girl explained that Knomo (a clever mix of the words Knowledge and Mobility –  fyi the K is silent) watched the way we (the infamous consumer) leave home with our technology and has specifically created bags to fit this daily need.

double stitched quilting in marine... with new fox logo

double stitched quilting in marine… with new fox logo

Jumping at the chance to attend their press day, I snapped the new season Knomo range, celebrated their logo change and wheeled my new Scala home on the tube.   Large enough to be a weekend bag but sleek enough to nip around town, I was thrilled with my new marine-blue follower.

one happily housed lap top

one happily housed lap top

And, reporting from my travels in Ibiza, I can assure you that my laptop and I are both very happy indeed.  There’s no swearing or sweating as we move from hotel to hotel to villa.  Effortlessly stylish – at least when it comes to my Knomo bag.



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