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The Watch House, Blakeney, Norfolk

The Watch House, Blakeney, Norfolk

Freedom is a funny old thing. What makes you feel free might make me feel trapped. Some feel they can’t escape from the person they feel they should be, others never feel restricted and explore away without limitation. And – I presume because this summer I’m roaming free – it’s made me question our ever-changing (and highly personal) sense of freedom and the impact it has on us.

There’s no doubt that our privileged lives are full of alternative beginning, middles and endings. But I was wondering if this endless freedom might mean a serious lack of perspective? After all, you can only really understand the enormity of any freedom when it no longer exists.

When we were in Norfolk last week I noticed a house on the horizon. Far across the salt marshes, it was clear that reaching this house on foot would be some sort of mission, even with knowledge of tidal times/terrain. I heard from locals that it had no electricity nor running water. But I saw this house as freedom; a remote sort of adventurous freedom.

Freedom from judgement is something many of us try to escape. A need for approval, a confirmation of who and what we are. And social media seems to battle against this type of freedom, particularly for those seeking privacy. But the sharing limit has to be self-imposed so that there is no personal burden or constraint other than what we, as individuals, feel comfortable with. Do you feel as free not to express as you do to voice those opinions?

What would make you feel freer? How does a sense of freedom contribute to your happiness?

For those interested, the house pictured is available to rent for a maximum of 3 nights/£50 per night. I have an idea: let’s trap ourselves there + talk about FREEDOM.


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