@lifeofyablon’s 10 unwritten rules of #instagram

As I’m verging on being an instagram junkie, I thought I’d share what I feel are some of the unwritten rules of this snap-happy playground:

1)   you are NOT a professional photographer and your snaps aren’t art.  take them, post them and accept all comments with a pitch of salt.

2)   Use hashtags by all means but once you have more than 10 in your strapline, give up.  It looks like you’re desperately seeking followers.

3)   Sunsets are over-rated – seen one seen ’em all.

10 unwritten rules of instagram

10 unwritten rules of instagram

4)   Edit, edit and edit again.  Instagram itself has a lousy editing tool but if you visit the app store, there’s plenty for inspiration: Camera+, PIP camera, Hipstamatic, DashofColor and CameraBag are just some of my favourites.

5)   Food: it always looks gross.  Eat it instead.

6)   Selfie: don’t get me started.  Just think – what does it say about you?

7)   Liking is tricky business.  Do you LIKE the photos or are you just liking your friend?  And what if you stop liking?  Maybe best to use when you really do think the pic is funny/different/impressive?

8)   Professional pictures taken on snazzy big camera with lights, tripod and assistant should NOT exist (in my opinion) on instagram.  We should all be on equal (point and click) footing.

9)   Facebook friends just don’t get it.  And we should probably leave them where they are.

10)   Twitter followers are a different shade.  Or they’re on a blackberry.  Or both.



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