Mallon+Taub: Got my EYE on you.

As you, my readers, know only too well, my body is far from perfect.  So perhaps those of you with specs, contact lenses or just living a blurred life will avert your eyes. My eyesight, ladies and gents, is 20:20 – despite the fact I am the wrong side of 40.

Mallon+Taub specs line the walls

But this isn’t a gloat.  I’m just lucky (in some ways!).  Having sharp eyes (instead of mind?) is no reason not to have them tested every couple of years – I am reliably informed by Joan Mallon, one of the two founders of Mallon+Taub, Marylebone High Street, W1.  It turns out that visiting an optician is not simply about checking your vision and, while I was there, Joan was keen to screen my eyes for conditions such as cataract, blepharitis and dry eyes, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

dreaming of wacky glasses

It had been ten whole years since I have last had my eyes tested.  But I can’t really mention my appointment without confessing the REAL reason I was there. You see, the fabulous specs and sunglasses lining the shop walls had lured me in.  Like sweets in jar, they just looked so appealing.  As I waited for Joan, I tried on one pair after another.  How much more intelligent and serious I looked!  It was finally time for glasses, I had decided.

Joan Mallon and her big machines

getting an eye-full at Mallon+Taub

Mallon+Taub use the most sophisticated, state of the art optical equipment in their 30 minute appointments.

I mean, if someone asked you if they could test your intraocular pressures, would you allow them?

Tod’s leather rimmed aviators

The final hurdle was for Joan to take a picture of the back of my eye. No mean feat.  But out rolled an instant image of my retina.

Unfortunately those specs weren’t meant to be.  But, as I glanced at the Tod’s leather rimmed aviator sunglasses, I thought: thank goodness everyone’s eyes need to be protected from the sun.

An eye test at Mallon+Taub costs £60

Mallon + Taub Opticians 35d Marylebone High Street W1   Tel: +44 (0) 20 7935 8200



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