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It’s been media circus time again at Life of Yablon HQ.  Medical researchers are working round the clock to find ways of preventing breast cancer and today’s news reveals that those at risk could, for the first time, consider drugs as preventative treatment*.

the dreaded cancer cells

the dreaded cancer cells

And the big question posed to me by Sky News, the Today Programme, Radio 5 Live, ITV News, BBC News At One, Channel 5 News and BBC World Service (and others!) is would I still have opted for my risk-reducing surgeries or would I have found the drugs to be a viable option?

charming John Humphreys

charming John Humphrys

As with all HUGE decisions, you can only reach your final conclusion with the facts that you have at that given time.  But – crucially – the answer is a simple one.  I was desperate to reduce my risk to as low as 4% and, of course, without the possibility of any drug side effects.  So I told John Humphrys early this morning on the Today Programme, I would make the same decisions today to save myself from the dreaded breast and ovarian cancers.

the drug tamoxifen

the drug tamoxifen

However, it IS very exciting to see that the next generation might have some alternative options to consider as they are faced with their decisions.  Science is truly magnificent.

If you are interested in supporting Breast Cancer Campaign in their innovative breast cancer research, take a look here.  The charity has invested £8 million in better understanding breast cancer genes (such as BRCA1 and BRCA2) and has made exciting discoveries associated with the growth and development of BRCA mutation related breast cancers.

Here is the Sky News clip and a longer BBC interview.


* according to new clinical guidelines released for consultation today by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)






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