mountain trek

It all starts with a …. I wonder if… it’s possible… and how hard it would be….


And then the fixation kicks off and it is ALL I talk about until the plan is hatched.


He knows me only too well and sees these mad ideas coming a mile off. Knowing better than to agree with my monologue, He just nods absentmindedly.


This morning I took one look out of our bedroom window (another overwhelming white-out as we are mid-alpine snow storm here in Solden) and knew today was the day.


But luckily for Him, I had designs on my PHD-mate. She has been holed up in her hotel room on a paper deadline and yesterday hated her mini-ski in an aggressive blizzard.   Easy prey for an alternative adventure I calculated.


So the dads headed off with Smalls and skis in tow and we got similarly dressed for our hike up the mountain. The plan was to walk 1000 meters up to a fantastic cabin restaurant called Löplealm from Solden village where we would meet the rest of our gang for a slap up lunch.

We got a little lost towards the end of our mission, resulting in a pretty intensive 2 hour climb up and covering a little over 16k round trip.

The snow fell heavily during both our ascent and decent. It was astoundingly beautiful and deathly silent as backdrop to two friends properly catching up on life, kids, marriage and everything else in between. My mission was to approach the mountain from a completely different angle. Whizzing past on skis you can’t appreciate the deep blanket of snow and those heavily laden trees.

Tonight I can hardly put one foot in front on the other …


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