Mrs Bovary draws me

Curiously, I don’t generally advocate the reading of blogs.

You see, while I’m terribly grateful of every single eyeball glancing in my direction, I am only too aware that any time spent delving headfirst into social media is pretty much a  ‘time waster’.  So, I don’t tend to keep up with most blogs.  But – among the handful that I DO rate – lies the great Mrs Bovary

Mrs Bovary bashing books last December

Mrs Bovary bashing books last December

…which is why I invited her last December to my Word Bird Book Bash.  Without knowing an ounce about her, I was certain she’d make for humorous company.  Which she did.

Her (drawn) selfie with Hubert in tow

Her (drawn) selfie with Hubert in tow

She writes semi poetically semi hilariously – about her life in North London with her husband and 2-year old, who she calls Hubert. Of course she’s only really funny because she’s dreadfully clever but it’s not just her words which have hooked me as regular reader.  Her drawings are quite stunning while PERFECTLY tongue-in-cheek.

a heavenly version of me perched on my word machine inside my camera lens. GENIUS! with thanks to Atelier Bovary

a heavenly version of me perched on my word machine inside my camera lens. GENIUS! with thanks to Atelier Bovary

Anyway, as you can see, she’s gone and drawn me.  So I off I trotted to interview her (and meet the cutest Hubert ever):

how would you describe your humour? suspicious

where would you rather be right now? horizontal

when are you happiest? the first days of spring

what did you design/draw today? I’m thinking about doing drawings for a set of mad mum mugs or Day of the Week maternity pads.

does drawing make you laugh or cry?  it keeps me off the sauce for an hour or two.

why Bovary? it makes me sound cleverer than I am.

nickname? Rear Admiral Abbas

What makes you run a mile? running

funniest thing you heard last week?  last week wasn’t very funny. Hubert got chicken pox. We went mad with all the incarceration and started to speak Esperanto.

who would you LOVE to draw?  someone who has done something weird and interesting.

can Herbert draw like a genius?  not yet, but I have superglued some pencils to his fingers so it shouldn’t be long now.

who would be impossible to draw – and why?   kids are difficult to draw. They are quite unyielding because they haven’t done much with their lives. And men. They’re a bit hairy.

how much do you love words (out of 10) and drawing (out of 10)? I think they complement each other.

if not drawing, then what?  telemarketing.

favourite designer ever?  Alberta Ferretti

Please do contact Mrs Bovary at her Atelier Bovary immediately for more details about her commissions.  She’ll be only too happy to draw you too.  ( if you’re reading this and you’ve been DONE by Mrs B, do show us yours!)  And do READ Mrs Bovary when you have a spare second.

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